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GMDSS Marine Communications SRC/VHF DSC
Compliant to Int. Telecom. Union for marine operators' usage.

An extensive SRC/VHF DSC radio course that also covers all aspects of GMDSS radio communications found on board today’s super yachts, includes Inmarsat, SatCom ....read more....
Price: 235,- € + 30,- € exam fees.
GMDSS ROC + Satcom Module
MCA recognized.

The solution for many 200 Ton Captains and 500 Ton 1st Mates, that are working coast-wise, allowing them to use the GMDSS & Inmarsat systems that are found on the smaller super yachts. It covers extensively satellite communications, ....read more....
Price: 770,- € + 125,- € exam fees.

MCA recognized.

For crew qualifying beyond OOW, or for crew that have lifted the 150Nm operating restriction. This is a long and somewhat difficult course that covers all the types of communications, their equipment, their usage, legal requirements. ....read more....
Price: 1465,- € + 160,- € exam fees.
IMO ISPS Ships Security Officer
Fully compliant STCW’78/95, SOLAS conventions + ISPS code.

This course & certification is gaining importance in the super yacht industry: On many super yachts, it’s a requirement to have an appointed SSO who is ....read more....
Price: 430,- € + 195,- € exam fees.
SMA High Speed Navigation & Radar.
Swedish Maritime approved class 8.

There has been much talk about simulator training for yachts with speeds >40kts, there is no substitute for the real thing. This is real life training with the Swedish Marines in boats doing >50 Kts amongst rocks ....read more....
Price: 000,- € + 000,- € exam fees.

Contact us at training@harrisonmaritime.com or telephone France +33 (0)422 107 807.
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