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iymcs Master 200GT/Mate 500GT Theory
iymcs Maritime Business & Law -Level I
Package 1565,-€
1320,- €

  310,- €
1630,- €

iymcs Master 200GT/Mate 500GT Practical Power
iymcs Master 200GT/Mate 500GT Practical Sail
Package 3750,-€
2200,- €

1970,- €
4170,- €

iymcs Yacht-Tender Crew
iymcs Radio Marine Com + SRC/DSC A1
Package   695,-€
  485,- €

   265,- €
   750,- €
  Important Notice:
Date: 09/01/2020.
Ref: International Yacht Training (IYT) Canada.

Harrison Maritime Associates has stopped as a partner school of IYT. We will no longer be offering IYT courses. If you are either one of our current students or have an open file for an IYT certification, we will support these files indefinently until such time that they are completed or closed-off. For further information, please contact us at training
Thank you.


Welcome to Harrison Maritime Associates

Who are Harrison Maritime Associates?
Originally founded by Roger Harrison (ex AMPM-Antibes and 7 East Yachts-Antibes), we are a professional super yacht consultancy. As professional consultants, we are active in four main areas;

Yacht Training Consultancy
Yacht Brokerage Consultancy
Yacht Charter Consultancy
Yacht Owner Consultancy

What does Harrison Maritime Associates do?
Our main role is to build careers for professional yacht crew through training, personal development, education and career guidance.

We do not dream sell ie. "work on a super yacht and see the world".
We are reality developers of professional careers.

Our other roles include training course's development work, certification guidance and creation; as well as instructor and teacher training courses.

Our track record for training professional yacht crew?
Success is not measured by how many students pass the courses or examinations.
Success is measured by the quality and level of the jobs/positions that our students obtain directly after leaving one of our courses.

Our track record is one of the best for training professional crew to do a job.
But success always has a price to it; it takes a lot of work and effort, by both us and our students, to train them for the top jobs in the business.

Are your courses international?
Yes in many ways.
The actual certifications that we issue (or that are issued by administrations that we represent) are accepted by many maritime countries worldwide. All our course's syllabuses are of international content. We are use to working with multi-language students, where English is not their mother language.

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Contact us at training@harrisonmaritime.com or telephone France +33 (0)489 688 650.
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